Waldo Jeffers and Marsha Bronson Pt.I

Waldo Jeffers and Marsha Bronson stumbled into a relationship after a series of coincidences that some would describe as destiny. He was in blissful awe of Marsha whom he believed was ethereal and angelic. She was unaffected by the relationship and merely had few glimmers of affection for him.  Marsha was fairly cautious in how their relationship progressed as she was far more focused on preventing Waldo from becoming infatuated with her. Marsha was always in a perpetual state of pessimism when it came to relationships, mainly brought on due to her previous failed relationship that lasted just shy of two months. She was less trusting of men than she had been previously but wanted a relationship nonetheless. Waldo, on the other hand, was the idealistic lovesick youth that society all too commonly focuses on. The archetypal emotional and sensitive young man who seeks to emulate the perfect relationship with the “girl of his dreams”. It had been 2 weeks and Waldo was hoping that things would become physical, mostly because he adamantly believed in the idea that if he was to deflower her then for some reason she would feel indebted to him. Marsha was going to return back to Wisconsin after the end of the academic year and Waldo felt as though time was against him. He HAD to secure her love, for the sake of his own sanity. Otherwise he would be preoccupied with visions of Marsha’s faithlessness haunting him. He desperately wanted to avoid having the masochistic daytime fantasies of sexual abandon.

He invited Marsha to his dorm-room and it would be her first time viewing his room. Waldo had successfully managed to force his roommate Andrew to stay away for a few hours. Waldo was confident he only needed 2 hours with her despite his glaring inexperience in the physical department. Marsha slowly trudged passed his door and it was apparent she was nervy. She aimed to soak in the environment and the unfamiliar surroundings. She removed her shoes in the corner almost instinctively and Waldo seemed slightly fazed by this action. Waldo had a habit of scrutinising every detail and moment of their time together since he was already infatuated with Marsha.
Waldo didn’t want her to linger in any one place for too long, he was trying to prevent any remnants of pheromones being left behind. Waldo did this because he feared that if Andrew took one sniff of her then he would become a ravaged animal with an insatiable thirst for Waldo’s girlfriend (Not Marsha, but Waldo’s girlfriend). Waldo had been plastered with a combination of giddy excitement and tragic nerves, he had hoped that Marsha remained ignorant of the worryingly amount of effort he put in trying to make the room tidy and presentable. Waldo was usually a tramp when it came to the tidiness of his room but he made an exceedingly gracious exception this time. His bed was made, the room was dusted, the floor vacuumed and 2 cans of aerosol airfreshners had been emptied in order to cover the smell of dirty laundry and male testosterone. Waldo had noticed Marsha’s skirt sitting naturally high on her legs and Waldo was admiring her voluptuously curved legs and thighs. The latter was causing his heart to beat feverishly since Waldo had a nylon fetish and as he saw her olive-skinned thighs peering through the fairly opaque stretched tights he couldn’t stop his mind from wandering to thoughts of sex.
The small steps she took seemed as though she was trying to appear calm and composed. But he knew this not to be true and sensed her eagerness. Predictably, he scrutinised her every movement and reactions. Her incessant act of encroaching upon his side of the bed, almost forcing Waldo off, sent him signals. He sensed she was excited yet nervous at the same time. It’s expected, it was their first time in a bed together and in privacy. Truth be told there was a mutual acknowledgement that they were going to advance their levels of intimacy. However, before anything could happen, Waldo remembered that he promised to share his LPs with Marsha. He sprang across the room and handed over his favourite vinyls to Marsha. He was hurrying so he could focus his mind and attention on her.

Marsha, in reality, wasn’t as eager and desiring of Waldo as he would have hoped. She was constantly nodding off and staring out into space whenever Waldo rambled on for too long. Marsha received very little sleep the night before because she had to complete her essay on the ‘Characteristics and progression of the female fine arts movement’. Waldo mistook her tiredness for her ‘zoning-out’, the process whereby one loses track and focus of whatever is occurring due to the sexual urges that is overcoming one. Waldo’s impatience was beginning to be noticeable; every gaze upon her faint lips and rounded face left him riddled with a lust to ravenously kiss her.
He noticed her thighs flatten outwards whenever she sat down. This is a universal thing that occurs whenever anybody sits down but his blind attraction towards her proclaimed it as her peccadillo.


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