Photos, Like Life, Blurred and Re-Envisioned

Originally published in the New York Times Lens Blog on September 24th 2013. This mesmerising collection of photographs from Brian Nice provided me with a sense of haunting melancholia due to the bleak lack of colours and obscurity of the images, engaging the viewer to seek further into the photographs. The lack of focus and illustration forces us to make clearer images out of them … Continue reading Photos, Like Life, Blurred and Re-Envisioned

The Thin White Duke

The Thin White Duke was David Bowie‘s 1976 persona and character. At first glance, the Duke appeared more “normal” than Bowie’s previous incarnations, wearing a stylish, cabaret-style wardrobe, but the massive amounts of cocaine he consumed during this period made his personality, or at least the personality he displayed during interviews, more alarming than it had ever been. At this time in his life, he … Continue reading The Thin White Duke